#2 Aja Wheeler

#5 Lizzie Garlington

#6 Marissa Skinner

#10 Addison Cook

#11 Jaylen Wright

#13 Kalyn Dean

#14 Cayden Sparks

#19 Danielle Plazyk

#27 McKenna Drawbaugh

#34 Zoe Kesterson

Shooting Stars 12U A is designed for young softball players seeking to take their game to the next level in an environment surrounded by similar levels of talent and a coaching staff focused on skill development.   Attention to individual proficiencies (fielding, throwing, batting) and a deeper knowledge of the game is mixed with a team-focused, fun and competitive spirit to fuel their love of softball.  We look for girls who are athletic, coachable and positive. A good teammate encourages other members of the team and celebrates the successes of her teammates as much as she celebrates her own successes. The player she becomes at the end of the season will be better than the player she was at the beginning of the season. Feedback will be instructional and encouraging - never demeaning.   In the end we want these girls to prove to themselves that through hard work and being open to coaching, they can succeed.

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